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Access to safely managed drinking water services is important to public health and contributes to powerty reduction and boost countries' economic growth (WHO). New water points are established in low-income rural and urban areas, but unfortunately a rather large percentage stops functioning after few years (SL WASH data).

Water point

EWB Monitor aims to provide open access to data on functionality and water consumption to stakeholders at all levels and to provide open source access to the technology, thereby enabling local production and innovation.

How it works

EWB Monitor is an Internet of Things (IoT) system designed for use in remote areas with limited or no infrastructure. EWB Monitor runs by solar power and communicates via the Iridium satellite system or via GSM if available.

EWB Monitor system


On June 14'th 2018, the first EWB Monitor prototype transmitted data from a water tower in Gandorhun, Sierra Leone. Since then the monitor has been further developed, more water tower monitors were installed and hard lessons where learned about technology, data, governance etc.

Water point

In 2023 the first training of EWB Monitor technicians were conducted at Eastern Technical University in Sierra Leone enabling local stakeholders to conduct installation and service of EWB Monitors.

In 2024 the first EWB Monitor in Eastern Africa was installed at a dairy farm in Tanzania in collaboration with Dairy without Borders. The first local production of EWB Monitors is planned at Eastern Technical University in Sierra Leone.


Most of the documentation for EWB Monitor is available in PDF documents for offline review. You can find the latest versions here:

EWB Monitor Installation  https://ewb-monitor.org/dl/EWB-Monitor_Install.pdf
EWB Monitor Production  
EWB Monitor Development  


EWB Monitor has been developed by Engineers Without Borders Denmark and the University of Southern Denmark in collaboration with local and global funding partners, NGO’s, universities and private companies:

World Hope International - Sierra Leone
SEND Sierra Leone
Eastern Technical University, Sierra Leone
CISU Civil Society in Development
Dairy without Borders
Eltwin Group